The Hair of the Dog Retreat – Breckenridge.  Join two working professional pet photographers for an incredible workshop experience that will take your pet photography to new heights.

Join us…

The Hair of the Dog Retreat is headed out west to the incredible mountain hideout of Breckenridge, Colorado.  Join us for 4 FULL days of learning and 5 nights of accommodation at one of the finest properties in the area.  Our chalet is a luxury 8,700 square foot home with 8 bedrooms, 6 1/2 baths, and TWO outdoor hot tubs!  Not to mention incredible mountain views from every window in the home.

What will you learn?

The Craft:

  • Finding your voice and discovering inspiration
  • Discover new strategies for working with dogs and owners
  • Create new compositions from everyday surroundings
  • Identify how lens choice affects your final image
  • Learn how to elicit expression from a variety of canine personalities
  • Explore options for creating variety in your images
  • Master the art of directing clients and photographing clients with their dog
  • Watch each instructor work through a full session
  • Test new techniques during an instructor-led small group session
  • Experience shooting your own session, paired with another student
  • No large group shooting here!
  • Watch both instructors take their images through the entire Lightroom and Photoshop editing process
  • Participate in a headshot exchange to update your website

The Biz:

  • Stay organized from start to finish
  • Automate your workflow and create systems
  • Discover the client communication and workflow of the instructors
  • Create a file management and backup system
  • Best practices for using assistants or hiring contractors
  • Copyrighting your images – is it for you?
  • Dive into pricing and sales during interactive roundtables
  • Work with Terran and Nicole to create your new 2017 marketing plan
  • Creating charitable marketing opportunities and working with non-profits
  • Discover how to hold profitable mini-sessions
  • Learn best practices when marketing your business with events
  • Determine how to set your brand and website up for success in the marketplace
  • Get an inside peek into both instructors’ successful businesses

Optional lighting intensive:

  • Discover the differences of speedlights vs. strobes
  • Why flash duration matters
  • The inverse square law explained in a way that’s easy to understand
  • Common studio lighting set-ups – even with only one light
  • High-key vs. low-key in the studio
  • Working with flash on-location
  • Balancing artificial and ambient light on-location
  • Practice shooting with different lighting set-ups

The Instructors…

Nicole Begley

Nicole Begley Photography and Hair of the Dog

Prior to starting her photography business in 2010, Nicole spent 13 years working as a zoological animal trainer working with everything from aardvarks to seals, and primates to free-flight birds. She always had an entrepreneurial spirit but it finally clicked when she realized how much she enjoyed taking photographs of the animals that she worked with. Nicole knows that even though certain animals may all look the same, they each have their own spirit and personality… and it is that personality that she captures with her camera. Nicole Begley Photography is based in Pittsburgh, PA where she creates expressive artwork of her clients’ best friends. Nicole is a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) and has been a medalist in the International Print Competition for the past three years. She lives in Pittsburgh with her husband, two tiny humans, office manager Emma the cat, and her Puerto Rican wonder dog Zoey.

Terran Bayer

Westway Studio

Terran started her path to becoming the crazy animal lady from the very beginning; she cared for horses, dogs, and a guinea pig growing up and even rescued injured wildlife around her home in upstate New York. She fell in love with photography and graphic design from an early age. After graduating college, she set off down the typical path of working for someone else. After six years, Terran realized that wasn’t the life for her and left a soul-sucking corporate job in 2007 to be her own boss; she hasn’t looked back. She has built her business to combine her love of art and layout with photography and squishy flufferbutts. Terran works with private clients, non-profits, and commercial clients such as My Perfect Pet, Pet Grass, Savage Universal, and more. She also volunteers with a few favorite rescues and non-profits to photograph their animals and raise money through fundraising events.

Nicole’s Hair of the Dog retreat far exceeded my expectations.  Nicole covered areas specifically related to being a pet photographer and also addressed a range of topics relevant to being a business owner.  Being a great pet photographer and being a successful business owner are two separate skill sets, something some hopeful business owners don’t really grasp until they are in the midst of a failing business.  Nicole provided easy to understand guidance and reference materials which gave structure to the sometimes overwhelming topic of “how do I set up and run a successful pet photography business.”  She speaks from first-hand experience of what has and has not worked in her business which is an invaluable perspective for her students.  Nicole’s teaching style is very informal and casual which creates a relaxed and interactive learning environment.  Not only did I get three days packed full of practical experiences and information, both from Nicole and the other participants, but I also gained access to a network of like-minded photographers with whom I can continue to learn and share ideas and experiences.

Kathleen Bowden

The Details…

  • The dates of the main workshop are Thursday, May 18th through Sunday, May 21st, with the optional lighting workshop on Monday, May 22nd. 
  • Students may arrive at the house during the evening of Wednesday, May 17th and stay until either Monday or Tuesday morning, depending on if they are participating in the lighting workshop.
  • Registration includes 5 nights accommodation in our gorgeous mountain-top digs (or 6 if you add on the lighting day), transportation to and from Denver International Airport, all transportation during the workshop, and all food throughout the experience.  We will try our best to accommodate any special dietary restrictions.  The only expenses you have are getting yourself to Denver and any alcoholic beverages you may choose to consume at dinner.
  • The workshop is limited to 10 participants to ensure plenty of instruction from both Nicole and Terran.
  • A private Facebook group for continued support from the instructors.
  • A USB drive FILLED with incredible amounts of information and resources.

Not all workshops are this personal, allowing you to spend so much time with the instructor and other photographers AND jam-packed with this much information and resources.  Thank you so much, Nicole!  This was one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended!

Helen Thompson

Voff & Mjau

Applications for this Hair of the Dog Retreat are currently closed and it is tentatively sold out.  Let us know if you would like to hear of future retreats!

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