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Welcome to Hair of the Dog, a blog for pet photographers.  I’m Nicole Begley, and after the first eight years of running my pet photography business in Pittsburgh, PA, I am currently a resident of and pet photographer in Charlotte, NC.  In addition to photographing all of the fabulous puppies that I can get my hands on, I am passionate about helping photographers run a business that allows them to live the life of their dreams. 

Let’s create a business that supports your life, not a life that supports your business.


Nicole’s infectious enthusiasm for all things organizational and efficient makes learning the business end of photography just as fun as the time you spend with your camera. She really wants you to succeed as a photographer and she will teach you how to do it!

Nancy Villwock

Nancy Villwock Photography

Nicole is one of the most organized professionals I have ever worked with. As a tutor and mentor, she is enthusiastic and has an incredible sense for business, efficiency, productivity and so much more. Her workflow is an eye opener with nothing slipping through the cracks. It’s about streamlining and automation with never forgetting that your client is number one. Nicole has an outgoing and fun personality which makes the business side of photography exciting.

Nadine Rozowsky

Best Dog Studio

Nicole is super passionate about the back-end part of running a pet photography business. Her enthusiasm for topics I usually dread . . . marketing, pricing, workflow . . . is infectious and I came away excited to implement tools in these areas! To me, that’s no small feat and I’m forever grateful!

Christine Crosby

Sunlight Inspirations

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