Please welcome Stacey Morrison of Happy Tails Pet Photography based in Ontario, Canada for today’s Session Spotlight!

One of the many things I love about pet photography is hearing the stories of all the animals I meet. Each one is touching in its own way and each family’s bond with their pet is unique — I feel so honored to capture it.

Charlie is a senior great pyrenees who is almost fully blind. He was dumped in a marsh and left to die, but happily he was rescued and adopted by a young family. Since he’s been in his new home, Charlie has gained 12 lb. He loves to sleep in front of the fireplace and everyone adores him.

Even though Charlie is blind, he is very aware. He was happy sniffing away at all the smells during our slow walk through the forest, and there is a serenity about his presence that is very soothing. As a pet photographer, I always try to capture the unique personality of each animal I meet. Charlie seems like an old soul — one that could teach us so much in life, and yet you can tell he enjoys each new moment, each new smell, and each new hug from his family.

Stacey Morrison is an on-location, natural-light pet photographer who creates wag-worthy images of people and their pets. Based in southern Ontario, her family includes a ball-obsessed golden retriever and a bossypants tuxedo cat.  Follow more of her work on her website, or on Facebook!