Please welcome Erin King, a pet photographer based in Melbourne Australia!  Erin, can I come visit?

Introducing Zuri the 2 year old Cavalier Maltese Cross, a crazy hilariously funny little pup who loves everyone and everything!
I photographed Zuri at Port Melbourne Beach which is one of her favourite places to go (a great off leash dog area as well) and was the ideal location for her to run crazy, literally!  Keeping up with with this girl and tracking her around the beach was a definite challenge, but a fun one at that. She was loving running, playing, splashing and rolling around in the sand and it was so enjoyable to watch her and be able to capture her in action just being herself and having loads of fun in the process.   Zuri was chosen out of a litter of puppies not for being the cutest, but for looking silly, funny and a little loopy.  Her owners Simon and Natalie wanted to get her photographed to be able to capture and remember how outgoing,  friendly and a little loopy she is.

Session spotlight Erin King

About Erin:
I provide lifestyle, on-location pet photography to Melbourne pet lovers which is fun, natural and creative.
I am a photographer, a pet owner, an avid animal lover and animal rights supporter. I believe that pets are part of the family too and deserve to be cherished and remembered forever. My pet photography captures your pets unique personality as well as that special bond and relationship you share with your pet.

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