I hope you enjoyed the interview with Zach Prez earlier in the week.  I am a subscriber to his blog updates and each time a new one pops up in my inbox you can bet that I make the time to read it.  I thought as a follow up to the interview I would share with you some of my favorite posts from the Photography Web Marketing blog.


How Much SEO Text Do Photography Websites Need? 

5 Photographer Blog Plugins for WordPress SEO

How Photographers Should Setup the All in One SEO Pack


How to Best Advertise a Photography Business Online


Photography Website Analytics Comparison

New Google Analytics Reports Photographers Should Watch

I also recommend you sign up at his website to receive free weekly web advice delivered directly to your inbox!  Be sure to check out his incredibly informative E-books while you are there.  I have personally read 4 of them and can’t recommend them highly enough.

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