Partnership Marketing is another incredibly effective marketing tool.  In order to do this effectively you MUST determine who your target market is, as well as which other businesses they frequent.  This does not have to be other dog related businesses, maybe it is a local coffee shop in which people bring their dog, a local hair salon or specialty store, etc.

Approach the business from the standpoint of how you can help them, never what they can do for you.  Let them know that you share a target demographic and you would love to share their business with your clients.  As with the charitable marketing, each partnership is going to look different due to the unique needs of each business.

A few ideas for partnership marketing:

1.  Create a contest at the business to get their clients excited about your services.

2. Offer special opportunities to their clients for your business and special opportunities to your clients for their business.  This does not have to be a discount, instead you can offer a value added bonus, such as a complimentary mini-album with any session booked during October.

3.  Create complimentary artwork for their business with your images.  Displays are most successful when the business displaying your work is a raving fan, so offer the employees a complimentary mini-session and 8×10.  The goal of those sessions is for those employees to fall in love with your services and sing your praises to those that inquire about the artwork.

4.  Hold a special raffle in the store for a complimentary session.  Simply have clients enter the contest by placing their name and email address in a bowl and picking a winner at the end of the month.  Viola, a whole bunch of new leads to add to your email marketing program.

5.  Set up a day of mini-sessions in partnership with the store, which can be marketed to their client base.

It’s time to share again!  What other partnership marketing ideas do you have when it comes to working with other businesses?

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