I’m excited to introduce Aurélie Di Pietro a pet photographer based in Paris and Lyon, France.  I LOVE everything about the 4th image.  Please welcome our latest session spotlight….
This is Piccolo’s mum and dad. There not other word because they consider him like a child. One proof of this is that Piccolo sleep in the same bed than Elodie an Matthieu. Elodie chose this place because it represents the appeasement Piccolo brought to her when she needed a hug.  After a little nap, we decided to walk the bucolic streets of Paris and it became a real game of treasure hunt.
I’m Aurélie Di Pietro, a French pet photographer under the name of True Dog, who feel a bit alone here!  I decided to specialize in pet photography when I wanted to have memories with my dog, and I couldn’t find a pet photographer!  It became my mission to bring this service to all pet owners who see them as a family member, like me. This is why I opted to always include the owner to show the relationship between them.
I work in France, (mostly in Paris and Lyon) but also in Switzerland, you can see my website and my Facebook page.