Please welcome our second session spotlight from France, Juliette Bercovici from JuB. Photographies.  I’m a sucker for horses and I just LOVE the expression on the little girls face in the one image…you’ll know which one.  Great work, especially for your first session…keep it up!  Enjoy and please welcome Juliette….

These pictures were taken in July 2012 during my first shooting as a freshly installed pet photographer.  Marion was about to turn six. As a special gift to her, her mom asked me to come and take pictures of her and her horses and cats, so she can have memories to look at while growing up.  It was a great time for me, lot of stress also, but the smiles and laughter of Marion were simply delightful.

Hello, I’m Juliette Bercovici and I’ve just started to work as a pet photographer. Five years ago my biggest dream came into my life as a 5-month old gypsy vanner colt named Drumberry.  He became my first subject as I tried to create memories I could cherish for all my life. Now I really enjoy capturing the bond between an animal and his/her human in their daily life and create memories for them to remember. I’m located in Toulouse, south of France where I live with my two cats, my two australian shepherds, Drumberry and my companion. I’ve got a fond for comics, chocolate, nail polishes and role-playing games. You can check my work at my website and my Facebook page.