It’s another session spotlight from Aurélie Di Pietro, which generally I would have chosen one to highlight but due to the nature of this session I just had to showcase them both!  (You can see her first session spotlight here)  As someone who owned a rat as a pet at one point in my life, and will probably be getting another one for my daughter (after the ant farm loses it’s interest), I can completely understand how you can love these little rodents!  Please welcome back Aurélie Di Pietro!

This is a special session for me because from the beginning I thought it was a joke, until I receive the signed contract!  I had been asked for a True Dog experience, with a mouse!  It was a big challenge and I had to borrow a macro lens to a colleague.  This is Nelly, and she is very close of Tsuki, her mouse. Before that, I never imagined that such a relationship can exist with such a small animal.

I’m Aurélie Di Pietro, a French pet photographer under the name of True Dog, who feel a bit alone here!  I decided to specialize in pet photography when I wanted to have memories with my dog, and I couldn’t find a pet photographer!  It became my mission to bring this service to all pet owners who see them as a family member, like me. This is why I opted to always include the owner to show the relationship between them.
I work in France, (mostly in Paris and Lyon) but also in Switzerland, you can see my website and my Facebook page.