Please welcome Damon Tucci from Damon Tucci Photography to the session spotlight.  Damon is a wedding photographer based in Orlando, Florida and also spends quite a bit of time teaching other photographers.  I had the pleasure of meeting him earlier this year at After Dark Dallas to play around with off-camera flash during twilight and learn how Damon uses different lights sources that we found just by walking around the hotel to photograph his brides.  While I have zero intention of ever becoming a wedding photographer, the way we use light is universal throughout photography and you can easily apply what you learn to your style.  I cannot say enough great things about the After Dark experience, imagine small group workshops with 30 of the industry leaders! (Read more about some of the educational opportunities that have influenced me the most)

When you are learning your style of shooting, learning how to improve your technical skills, or nailing down your post-processing workflow don’t rely solely on other pet photographers (although there are some great ones teaching!) but instead broaden your search and decide what you really want to learn.  I recently did a private mentorship with Heather, a local wedding photographer who is not only a terrific wedding photographer, but also a Certified Adobe Expert in Photoshop.  I can’t even put into words how much I gained from that experience, I hope that you will start to see better color management in the photos that I post on this site as well as a more consistent look to my images since I finally found my editing “style”.  Sorry to go out on a tangent, just wanted to remind you that there are so many resources out there for improving your skills and they are often through people that may do totally different work then your bread and butter!

Sorry for the tangent, back to Damon.  Since we haven’t shared any studio pet sessions I thought that it would be great to highlight some of Damon’s studio work with some of his furry clients.  Enjoy!

See more of Damon’s work on his website, blog, or Facebook page!