Please welcome Jaye Kogut Photography, born and raised Jessica but always called “Jaye”, located in New Jersey.  It’s no secret that I love horses, and I also spent 15 years spending every spare moment I could at the barn or in the show ring.  Therefore, when this session was submitted to the Hair of the Dog through Two Bright Lights I knew that it was one that I wanted to share.  The information that follows is from Angela, the young lady featured in the session:

Well our story is great. I was in a horrible riding fall when I was 11 years old. I broke a lot of bones had to under go 3 surgeries which left me with scars on my face. After I was able to ride again I moved barns and decided I wanted my own horse … I looked for almost a year before I found Scooter. I tried him and he was perfect but little did I know he was drugged at that time. Once I got him home he was so scared of everything. I had to leave him with my trainer for 3 months because he was obviously a little abused at his last home. Together we learned to trust again and not be afraid. We took part in many shows together and won! We did 4H through top A rated shows in every ring and would always place top 5! Eventually, he was diagnosed with navicular. He would barely walk at times because it hurt him so much. But then the second I got on him he was fine. It was always like he pushed through the pain to be there for me. I rode him 7 yrs straight before his age and navicular got the best of him. Today, we do lots of natural horsemanship just to keep bonding. We saved each other and for that he is my hero. My Scooter. He is 22 years old (I’m 19) and I’ve had him for almost 9 years now.

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