Please welcome Toronto pet photographer Karen, from Posh Pets Photography.  Karen and I have “known” each other through Facebook and networks like Beautiful Beasties but haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet in person.  We are both headed to St. Louis in April for After Dark and I can’t wait to actually meet her face to face!  🙂  Anyone else attending?

Please welcome Karen….

This was a very special session for me as I had already “met” Harris before the day his mom ever called me to book a session.  How?  Where?  At the Toronto Animal Services (city-run shelter) where he passed in front of my lens as an adoptable looking for a forever home.  At the time he was named Scooter.  Seeing his image (his mom was a ‘fan’ of my Facebook page), his mom went up to meet him.  She returned the next morning with her husband and they adopted him!

She contacted me not long after to arrange a session that we booked for the fall when the leaves would be in full display.  It was so wonderful to witness and document the happy ending that I always like to imagine happens to ‘my’ adoptables, but to see it….awesome!  It is like we have come full circle…and, I think Harris was an amazing model!
Karen Weiler of Posh Pets Photography is a fine art pet photographer who specializes in custom portrait sessions for discerning dogs and cats along with the people they share their lives with. Sessions celebrate the special bond between a pet and his/her human family and result in images that will last for years to come. Primarily shooting on location, Karen is available for private commissions within Canada.