This week’s session spotlight takes us someplace even colder and snowier then Pittsburgh…..please welcome Calgary, Alberta custom pet photographer Holly Montgomery from Brindleberry Custom Pet Photography!  (By the way, that grey and white cat looks a lot like my evil cat Mittens, you can read more about Mittens in the column that she used to write on my photography blog.)

For some time I had driven by this beautiful red barn located in rural Alberta, Canada and wished I could photograph it! So, I finally asked – and I am glad I did as I was able to capture resident critters of both the equine and feline variety. This was a cold day, which I hope is translated in the images. It was most certainly translated into my fingers and toes! In Alberta, we have a very long cold season, and a very short green/warm season. So finding interesting scenery in the winter is essential!

Hi my name is Holly Montgomery and I am the owner/photographer at BrindleBerry – Custom Pet Photography in Calgary, AB, Canada.  I am a natural light photographer that works with pets exclusively! I love photographing pets because I know how dearly loved they are as family members. I also adore their willingness to model and be 100% all natural in front of the camera. I am a proud service professional member of HeARTs Speak, and I am also happy to be a part of their membership committee.