As a photographer, featuring images from recent photo sessions on your blog is a no-brainer. It displays your most current work, shows that you’re actively doing business with clients, keeps your portfolio fresh and entertains your fans. But what happens when you’re in the middle of a slow season and don’t have any bookings for a while? You want to keep your blog active, but in an effort to post something you find yourself sitting at your desk, staring at your computer, trying to come up with something (anything!) to blog about.
Writing isn’t something that comes naturally to many photographers. I mean, we’re visual people, right? So it’s no wonder that the majority of us would suffer from the occasional Blogger’s Block.  But just because you have no client sessions to share at the moment, doesn’t mean your blog has to hear crickets. There are several other topics you can write about to hold the attention of your audience until your next photo session.


Your blog is a powerful tool that should be utilized. Consider the following content ideas :


Products & Services You Offer – For every product you offer – be it albums, wall displays or image files – write a post for each one. Take pictures of how the products would look in your client’s home. Explain the benefits and why clients love them. If you offer different services, explain each of those in a separate post. For wedding photographers, you could write about engagement sessions in one post and wedding services in another. If your sessions consist of multiple meeting – a Consultation, Shoot & Ordering Session – describe those in individual posts.

Industry Trends – Give your perspective on anything new going on in the industry, such as equipment, editing techniques, vendors, conferences and seminars, ect. Go the extra mile by publicizing these posts in forums and discussions with other photographers.
Obstacles You’ve Overcome – Connecting with your readers on a personal level makes them feel like they know you even if they’ve never met you. Sharing real life experiences and the lessons you’ve learned from them makes you a “real” person, instead of a “picture perfect” business owner who’s got it all figured out.
Locations You’ve Enjoy Shooting – Revisit some of your favorite locations and photograph the things you love about them. Details like how the leaves hang from the trees, the reflections in the water or how the sun cuts through the trees demonstrate you’re ability to “see” the scene.
Equipment You Use – Writing your own review on equipment you’ve used (even if it was just a rental) gives other photographers useful information, and shows potential clients that you invest in professional equipment.
Educational Tips – Blog readers enjoy learning, otherwise they wouldn’t be reading, so educate them on something relative to what you do. Demonstrate your expertise in interacting with children or post editing techniques. Go the extra mile by creating a how-to video.
Best-Of & Top Ten Roundups – Something about seeing the “best of the best” always grabs people’s attention. Got a bunch of images with similar components (like dogs with their tongues hanging out)? Pick the ten you like most and feature them as a Top Ten list.
Interviews – Do an interview with some one in the industry. It can be anyone from a fellow photographer, camera store owner, or even related to your subject matter, like a wedding planner or pet groomer.
Guest Posts – Ask a colleague to write a post on anything they want. I do this at least once a month for fellow bloggers. Maybe I’ll write one for you too…just ask!



dog in field


Remember, whatever you decide to blog about, you’ll keep your readers coming back for more as long as your content is entertaining, educational and/or engaging. Make sure your posts are relative to your industry, and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. Now, get on your way to fully utilizing your blog…start by making a list of possible posts. Hopefully, you have SO many ideas that you actually have a hard time deciding where to start! Happy Blogging.


Bio: As an animal lover and passionate photographer, Ali Peterson of Skyy Blue Photography, invests significant time and energy perfecting her pet photography skills and growing her business. She also aims to educate and entertain her fans and potential clients by blogging on photography and pet-related topics.
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