This session spotlight is from Connecticut photographer Carla of Carla McElroy Photography.  Submissions for this blog come to me in two forms, one is through direct email by following the directions on the submit a session page, and the other is from Two Bright Lights.  If you are a wedding photographer and looking to get your work published, this is a tremendous resource.  They are continuing to grown their editorial partners that focus on other niches as well, so it may be worth checking out if you aren’t a wedding photographer.

I really love the varied submissions that I receive as I think the pet photography niche needs to be very careful that we don’t all melt into one homogenous mass of photographers with work that looks so incredibly similar.  This allows me to showcase some different work that I think we all enjoy.  I was especially drawn to this one because my 13 years in the zoological field included 7 working mainly with birds, so I’m a bit of a bird nerd.  I also LOVE gulls.  😉

Without further adieu…  enjoy!