It’s incredible when you consider all of the different skills and knowledge sets that are required to run a successful photography business.  One of the areas that I knew NOTHING about when I started my business was SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.  The more I delve into the deep dark SEO world I am actually starting to find it quite interesting.

In addition to keywords and page titles, inbound links are very important when building your online presence.  There are lots of places that you can acquire inbound links, one of them is actually writing a guest post or submitting a session spotlight to Hair of the Dog….hint hint.  😉

It’s almost like a high school popularity contest with Google, but without the back-stabbing and name calling.  (Why are girls so mean to each other?  So not nice.)  Google indexes your site and knows what is on it, but if there are lots of other sites in the internet world linking to your page it tells Google that you must have something interesting or pertinent to say.  If someone searches for “your area pet photographer” and it’s your site vs. another site that is similarly optimized but your site has 35 inbound links while your competitor only has 5; Google will place you higher.

Anchor text is another way that you can take advantage of those inbound links and make them work even harder for you.  What is anchor text?  It is the text that is highlighted for the hyperlink.  Whenever possible on inbound links you should request a different keyword phrase that you want to rank for.  For instance, I would much rather have Pittsburgh Modern Dog Photographer then Nicole Begley Photography.  I already rank #1 for Nicole Begley Photography, but having the anchor text become a descriptive keyword it tells Google that my page is about modern dog photography.  It is important to note that Google will penalize you if you use the same anchor text in all of your links, so definitely change it up!

One way to come up with an unlimited number of keywords is to create a little list for 4 columns:

Column 1:  List all the cities that you want to rank for:  Pittsburgh, North Hills, South Hills, etc.

Column 2:  List all of the different types of photography that you do:  cat, dog, family, etc.

Column 3: List some adjectives that describe your photography

Column 4: List the different words for photography, photos, etc.

When it’s time to come up with new anchor text just pick one from each column and there you go!!  Happy SEO’ing.

tabby cat photo