It’s time for another Session Spotlight!  Please welcome Alice G Patterson Photography, a wedding and lifestyle photographer that is based in California and New York.  Nils, the adorable little Chihuahua, was photographed in Beverly Hills, CA.

From Alice:

I found Nils to be such a sweet pea and fairly easy to work with.  The biggest difficulty we had was at the park where he would run off to play with other dogs.  Since the time of this shoot, I learned that a lot of photographer leash their subjects and then photoshop out the leads later.  For the safety of the dogs/subjects, I think this is a great practice.  Luckily, Nils was not too hard to round up.
Nils’ mom had a great idea for the session.  She brought along all of the toys and dog related items that friends and family had given to Nils.  We incorporated each of these items in a few images, so that she could send a nice thank you note along with a portrait of Nils and his respective gifts.  Now, I always ask my client’s if they have any such items that they would like to include.  It turns out, most of my clients end up bringing a few items along.
Alice G Patterson is a bi-coastal portrait and wedding photographer with a passion for dog portraits.  She lives in Central New York with her three dogs.