It’s time for another Session Spotlight!   Please welcome Calgary pet photographer Holly Montgomery of BrindleBerry Custom Pet Photography.  I seriously love everything about this session, other then the snow.  I think we are all done with the snow this year.  😉

Meet Gertie! Gertie is a very shy little terrier mix. So shy in fact, that her “mom” wasn’t so sure I would get ANY good photos of her. Well, I know a challenge when I hear one! I armed myself with the tastiest goodies around, and I was not skimpy with them! By the end of the session, Gertie was modelling all over the place! Was there ever any doubt? 😉 This session is a surprise anniversary gift for Gertie’s Grandparents.


Hi my name is Holly Montgomery and I am the owner/photographer at BrindleBerry – Custom Pet Photography in Calgary, AB, Canada.  I am a natural light photographer that works with pets exclusively! I love photographing pets because I know how dearly loved they are as family members. I also adore their willingness to model and be 100% all natural in front of the camera. I am a proud service professional member of HeARTs Speak, and I am also happy to be a part of their membership committee.

 Facebook: BrindleBerry – Custom Pet Photography