What’s in a welcome packet?  It’s just the first touch point your client has with your business after they invested in your session fee.  It will either confirm the great decision that they made to invest with you, or make them reconsider.  It will set the stage for a great sale, or keep your client thinking that a few 5×7’s and a great big 8×10 is what I should order.  No pressure, right?

I’m happy to share my latest welcome packet, a welcome packet that has been evolving for 3 years.  I’m finally able to say that I am thrilled with it!!

Photography welcome packet content

What does it include?

  • custom designed folder
  • 8 page session guide
  • price list
  • collection list
  • card on preparing for your ordering appointment
  • custom designed wall cling

session guide for photography

In my session guide I include the following information:

  • welcome note
  • information on choosing a location
  • what to expect for our session
  • what to wear
  • specific dog and cat information, like exercise your dog prior to our session, etc.
  • next steps

Even though my clients have access to a 26 page digital Product Guide when they book their session, I also like to include a small accordion brochure with some general pricing information as I want to make sure that there is no sticker shock in the ordering appointment.  The collection list on a separate 4×8 card is the perfect thing to pull out at the ordering appointment to let your client see the value in ordering a collection.

photography price list

The thing that I am most excited by in my welcome packet though is my custom wall cling.  I do in-person sales, and I feel strongly that you are leaving money on the table if you are putting up an online gallery and trying to sell by letting the clients choose an 8×10 of this and a 5×7 of that.  To make a living as a photographer we need to be offering our clients something that they can’t do themselves, and one of those things is selling custom designed wall art.

This wall cling allows my clients to walk around their house and stick it on any wall that they would consider hanging something on.  I then can put it into my software, size it, and show them their images on their walls in their actual size at the ordering appointment.  There is not one person ordering an 8×10 for their wall.

Don’t leave just yet though!  Check out Part 2 of What’s in a Welcome Packet in a post that answers some of the questions that arose from this particular post!