Please welcome Kate Mills from Chasing Daylight Photography to the Session Spotlight!

This is from the puppies human parents:   The parents of the puppies are Todd (3yr) and Belle (1yr). Todd is half English Lab and half Golden Retriever. Our Golden Retriever, Belle was rescued from a random person online- we met in a Petco parking lot.. She was dehydrated and had a few dozen ticks all over her.. She got her name because she was constantly following Todd around the yard and licking the drool from his mouth (eww). We had nicknamed Todd “the beast” because he is such a big boy. Since she was so close to “the beast” and she was such a “beauty” we called her Belle. (Beauty and the Beast)- yeah, I know, kinda cheesy..
Todd and Belle had their first litter of 12 puppies that were born on Superbowl Sunday (Feb 3rd). 8 weeks later (on Easter Sunday) they were all ready to go to their new homes…
I miss them!! : (
I am very fortunate that Kate Mills was able to take pictures of all the pups. There is no way I could have taken such great pictures by myself… It doesn’t look like it by looking at the photos, but those pups sure know how to move around! Kate did such an amazing job capturing the moment with us, our dogs and puppies!

Kate Mills is a lifestyle photographer from San Diego, CA & has been shooting weddings, families, & pets for 5 years. She lives at home with her husband & family of 2 furry children, a puppy named Clover & a kitty named Paisley. Visit her website at & be sure to follow her on Facebook at