Please welcome San Diego Pet Photographer Allison Shamrell Photography to the session spotlight!  I love a great pug, especially one as cute as this!!

My session with Mr. Big was LOTS of fun! We started at his condo and then went for a walk in a nearby park, and he was happily soaking up the attention all morning long! He was an absolute dream to work with, with those big eyes and that constantly-sticking-out tongue… it was such an enjoyable session!

I’m Allison Shamrell, and I’ve been photographing pets exclusively for almost three years. I recently moved across the country to San Diego, California, and I’m excited to live in a place that has excellent craft beer & flawless weather. I strive to create images that are natural, playful & soulful, while at the same time providing an unforgettable experience for my clients. And I think I have the best job in the world!