It’s always a great feeling to open your email and see a new inquiry.  Are you doing everything that you can to convert that inquiry to a booked client though?  I’m going to share a few tips that will hopefully help you book more of those leads.

  1. It’s important to know that a very small number of leads actually convert into clients.  We are talking about 5-10% or 5 to 10 out of 100 leads.  Write that number on a big piece of paper next to your computer so that you can remember that!  Don’t be hard on yourself and go to a negative place if many leads don’t convert.  If all of your leads are booking, I would venture to guess that you may want to raise your prices!
  2. Pick up the phone!  Call your inquiries back.  I’m guilty of not always doing this and I can see the difference when I don’t.  When you call you help create a connection to you and your business, you build value for your services.  Often I end up leaving a message on voicemail and then just emailing them my inquiry email, but they still get to hear my voice and form more of a connection with me then the other photographers that only emailed them back.
  3. When you email them back what are you telling them?  Are you keeping them in an emotional space where they will build more of a connection with your work or are you overwhelming them with complicated numbers and pricing? Here are a few topics I always cover in my initial inquiries:
  • Discuss my signature products and what makes me different
  • Give them an idea of what they can expect to spend on a custom photography experience.
  • Discuss the digital file elephant in the room and the reason that you either do or do not offer digital files.
  • Assume the sale, ask them when they would like to book their session and give them a few options of dates I am available.

white dog looking at camera

I hope this helps you convert more inquiries to clients and remember, not all of your inquires are your clients.  It’s ok to let some of them go and it’s ok when people tell you that you aren’t in their budget.  Don’t take it personally and don’t second guess your business if you have set it up for profitable sessions.

Don’t forget that there is only 3 weeks until registration opens for the first Hair of the Dog Retreat to be held in South Florida in February.  You can read all of the details about this new breed of pet photography workshop here.