Please welcome Calgary pet photographer Holly from BrindleBerry Pet Photography to the session spotlight with a gorgeous canine and equine session!

This session with Kara (the human) and the horses and dogs is quite a departure from my “usual” sessions that include prodominately  dogs! Kara was visiting her grandmother for a few days, and they love to ride together, so I came along to document some of the visit. I am sure Kara is going to miss this crew now that she’s gone home, and I know they will miss her too! I am glad I could capture some memories for her.

My highest priority has always been to ensure that my clients obtain honest and soulful images of their pets. I achieve this by respecting the needs and boundaries of each individual pet AND by creating a positive experience for everyone involved. I love documenting the relationships between pets and their people!
Holly Montgomery – Owner/Photographer at BrindleBerry – Custom Pet Photography