Wow! Black and White was a popular theme! We will certainly have to revisit it in future weeks. I had a heck of a time getting down to ten this week, especially since I initially selected 41 images…yikes! It was hard!

I do want to thank everyone that takes the time to submit your images to the weekly contest, we all love seeing them so please keep it up!

Wags Unlimited

Jodie Pholi Images

Charlotte Reeves Photography

Ragamuffin Photography

Helen Green Photography

Shelley Castle Photography

Bethany Bliss Photography

Carol Locey Photography

Just for Kix Photography

Missy Moo Studio

Great work everyone! Next week’s theme is full sun. Often full sun isn’t our first choice of lighting, but you can create some gorgeous and vibrant images in it so let’s see them! More information on the weekly Facebook challenges can be found here.