Lightroom is one of the tools that I could NOT live without in my business.  It is such an incredible time saver and can do almost all of the heavy lifting that Photoshop can do….much faster.  Really the only things that I do in Photoshop any more are cloning, targeted color adjustments, and very specialized things such as extending a canvas or fixing localized color casts.

I’m a huge fan of clean and vibrant editing.  I want my images to look like real life, not an old vintage photograph.  Not that there is anything wrong with different editing styles, this is just the style that best represents me and my artistic vision.  In the video below I take an image from SOOC through to my final edit through Lightroom.

If you would like to see the video a little larger….go the the main YouTube page.

There really is a ton of great tools in Lightroom and this only begins to scratch the surface.  I would love to bring you more tutorials, but you have to let me know what you want to learn about!   Leave a comment below letting me know what you want to see…..