Everyone keeps making these challenges harder and harder for me by submitting some wonderful work!  Keep it up!  🙂  I highly recommend that you head over to the Facebook page to go through the images as I would have to do the Top Thirty to showcase them all here!  Here is this week’s top ten.  Congrats!

Captured by Kerri

Photo Lab Pet Photography

Marshmallow Pet Photography

DogFish Pet Photography

Wags Unlimited

Padfoot Whiskers & Wings

A.N. Sheppard Photography

Ragamuffin Pet Photography

Sleepy Dog Photography

Charlotte Reeves Photography

Next week think environmental portrait, an image in which the location is just as much part of the story as the subject.  Can’t wait to see what you have in store!  Here are the details of how to participate if you aren’t familiar, please remember to limit your entries to 2 images.