Seriously, this is hard!!  I really love my Monday mornings when I get to look through all of your fabulous images.  I really also hate having to narrow it down to ten each week, so this week I narrowed it down to 11.  I just couldn’t possibly cut one more of these out.  Enjoy….

Padfoot Whiskers & Wings

hod environmental-152





















Fetchlight: Pet Lifestyle Photography

hod environmental-153

























Whimsy Dog Studio

hod environmental-154























Dog Breath Photography

hod environmental-155






















Sleepy Dog Photography

hod environmental-156


































Ragamuffin Photography

hod environmental-157






















Charlotte Reeves Photography

hod environmental-158


































Wags Unlimited

hod environmental-161






















McGraw Photography

hod environmental-162























Jessica Cobb Photography

hod environmental-160
































Sarah O’Neill Photography

hod environmental-159























Thank you again EVERYONE that participated.  There really were some spectacular images this week!  Next week’s theme is:  Shake!

Details on how to participate can be found on this page.