I know.  I’m sorry.  The Session Spotlight has been totally MIA in the past few months and for that I apologize.  The good news though is that it’s back!  If you have a session that you would like to submit for the session spotlight you can learn about the submission requirements here.  Please share!  We would love to see it!  But first, please welcome San Diego Pet Photographer Jen Bergren from Fetchlight Pet Lifestyle Photography so the session spotlight.

Belle the beautiful Airedale took me on a grand tour of Coronado Island! First she showed me her balcony with a great view of the San Diego skyline, where she watches the people, cars and dogs who walk by. Then Belle drove her golf cart over to the ferry landing park. (OK, she didn’t really drive it, but I hear she loves to ride it around the island with her people!) Belle then asked us all to pile into the car and photograph her on the other side of Coronado with the historic Hotel Del Coronado in the background. For the grand finale we went to a park within view of the majestic Coronado bridge. Thank you, Belle, for showing me some of the many lovely places in Coronado (besides the best dog beach around)!


Jen also does some work photographing adoptable animals for local rescues.  These images are from a groups called Aussies and Others Rescue, since they can’t resist helping other types of dogs in need too!  If you are interested in helping adoptable dogs in your area contact your local rescues!  I’m sure they will be thrilled to have your assistance.  You can also look into a great organization called HeARTs Speak that supports this type of work.



jenbergren_bio_wTawnyJen Bergren was taking photography classes while working as an advertising graphic designer at Petco’s corporate office in San Diego, when those two interests combined and she started photographing pets for Petco. She left the corporate world in 2011 to start Fetchlight, and to have more time for her freelance design career. Jen also photographs adoptable dogs for Aussie and Others Rescue San Diego, where she adopted her orange foxy dog, Tawny.

Website: www.fetchlight.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/fetchlight