Again, you guys blew me away.  I love these and it was so difficult to choose!  Check out more great images at the Hair of the Dog Facebook page

Bridget Davey Photography

HOD indoor_0130

BrindleBerry PhotographyHOD indoor_0131

KME Photography

HOD indoor_0132

Thousand Woofs Photography

HOD indoor_0133

mQn Photography

HOD indoor_0134

Dog Photography by Kala Howard

HOD indoor_0135

Paws on the Run

HOD indoor_0136

Dogsandmogs Photography

HOD indoor_0137

Pavlina Sanborn Photography

HOD indoor_0138

Karen Hocker Photography

HOD indoor_0139

Thanks again for participating in the weekly challenge!  Next week’s theme is BIG!  Details on how you can participate can be found here.