Please welcome Angie Bastian from Sun Rae Creative to the Session Spotlight with a wonderful equine session!

From Angie:

I LOVE photographing human & equine partnerships. Especially when that partnership has so much to give to each other and the love is so evident it brings tears to your eyes. Meet Rubie & Peaches, a duo that depicts just that.

I believe every pony has a special gift…and yes, most of those gifts are pointed in the direction of children. Peaches’ gift to Rubie was confidence. Confidence not just in her riding, but confidence in a new equine partner (or soul mate.) Rubie blossomed. She was riding around our local horsepark with her friends and Peaches took the best care of her.

In the almost two years that Rubie and Peaches were a team, it was becoming clear that Peaches helped Rubie reach a new chapter, a new goal, and a new quest. This session was a thank you and a goodbye to Peaches for her love, devotion, and confidence. Peaches is now teaching a new family and Rubie has a new pony, Eagle, that she is learning and becoming a team with to conquer that new chapter!

Rubie & Peaches-1Rubie & Peaches-2Rubie & Peaches-4Rubie & Peaches-5Rubie & Peaches-6Rubie & Peaches-7Rubie & Peaches-8Rubie & Peaches-10Rubie & Peaches-12Rubie & Peaches-14

Angie_HS_HODAngie Bastian, owner and principal photographer of Sun Rae Creative, lives north of Pittsburgh, PA, and is a mom to a lively three-year old boy and five equines. She specializes in high school seniors, equines, and weddings.