Hair of the Dog Facebook pageI don’t know if it’s because this challenge went on for two weeks or if it’s because you all LOVE black and white….but this was such a hard decision.  I could have easily selected a Top 20!  I encourage you to visit the to see some of the other great images as well.

Dog Fish Pet Photography

hod bw_0140Westway Studio

hod bw_0141

Sleepy Dog Photography

hod bw_0142

Wally & Roops 

hod bw_0143

Brooke Byelich Photography

hod bw_0144

Pavlina Sanborn Photography

hod bw_0145

Missy Moo Studio

hod bw_0146

Heather Bohm-Tallman Photography

hod bw_0147

KME Photography

hod bw_0148

FurEver Photography

hod bw_0149

Wow!  Thanks again everyone!  Great images this week.  I think it’s finally safe to declare our next subject…..SPRING!  Details on how you can participate can be found here.