We’ve had quite a bit of focus on time management and productivity in the past month.  If you have missed any of these posts you will definitely want to check them out:  Master your Time Management and Top 6 Efficiency Tips for Photographers.

Caitlin’s productivity post inspired me to take a critical look at my workflow and make some sweeping changes to my client management system.  As I was evaluating my regular tasks I noticed that I was having to duplicate my efforts often with minor little data entry tasks, but those tasks added up equaled a decent amount of time that I could be spending enjoying my life instead of sitting behind the computer.

One of the changes that I have made, in order for Zapier to do some heavy lifting for me, is move from Quickbooks desktop to Quickbooks online.  Boy oh boy do I wish I did this earlier!

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 12.18.27 PM

The biggest time saver that I have found is that I no longer have to enter charges into my books.  You read that right.  I used to keep a folder that I would stick all of my receipts into, then once a week or so I would manually enter all of that information into Quickbooks so I could have accurate accounting records.  Now I simply log into Quickbooks and it will prompt me to match or add transactions since it syncs regularly with my business bank accounts and business credit cards!

It’s so easy and saves me at least 4 hours of time a month managing those details of my accounting…..that will add up to a whole extra week of my life per year! 

Do you need to create an invoice and email it to a client to be paid securely online?  Easy peasy.  Simply activate the online payment feature and the invoice that you create can be emailed to your client with one click, allowing them to pay online and then the payment is automatically recorded in Quickbooks and the money wired to your account.  It’s a FREE option and the rates are better then Square.  If you charge a large volume of invoices then you can choose the plan that is approximately $20 a month and will give you lower rates.

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 12.18.41 PM

Of course this option of Quickbooks gives you all of the reports that you need to keep tabs on your numbers.   The basic subscription is only $12 a month and gives you online access to your numbers from any computer as well as an app for managing invoices on the go.  This is not an affiliate link, just an incredible time saver that I wanted to share with you. If you are managing your business receipts in a shoebox, you NEED this.  If you are managing your accounting with software but manually entering things, you too NEED this.

Embrace those numbers and may I wish you happy accounting!