Photography is a craft that you can never perfect.  There will always be new techniques and new things to learn.  I believe that learning new techniques is one of the most effective ways to avoid a creative rut and a great way to hone in on developing a style that is truly yours.   In addition, entrepreneurship is very similar as we should always be learning better, more effective and efficient ways to run our business.

There are some wonderful pet specific photography workshops available today and I just wanted to highlight a few so you can check them out if you are in the market for continuing education!

Hair of the Dog Retreat

The Hair of the Dog Retreat is a 3.5 day workshop focused on all aspects of running a successful pet photography business and is run by yours truly.  I’m a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) and have been running a full time business since 2010.  Pricing, sales, workflow, and marketing will all be addressed in depth.  Of course, shooting and editing are an important part of the curriculum as well!  The retreat is limited to only 6 participants so that every aspect of the experience is hands-on and personal, with individual shooting instruction during the week and individual business mentoring as well.   Additionally, registration includes all food and accommodations as we will be staying together in a great private home!

hair of the dog retreat

More details of what is covered at the retreat can be found on the Hair of the Dog Retreat page and feedback from the attendees of the first retreat can be found here.  The next retreat is scheduled for August 7-10, 2014 in Pittsburgh, PA and there are 2 spots left!  Register to claim your spot now!

If the retreat doesn’t fit your schedule or if you are looking for more individual mentoring opportunities, you can read about the one-on-one mentoring available here.

Paw Print Divas & a Dude Pet Photography Workshops
Barbara Breitsameter, Kim Hartz and the new addition of a Dude, Dan Ablan will co-instruct workshops for the professional or aspiring pro photographer.  All three of these instructors are full-time working professional photographers who have earned the designation of Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) through PPA.  They have an incredible amount of knowledge and are some of the nicest people in the industry.  The Paw Print Divas workshop focuses on shooting, editing, as well as business and sales.  Registration for their next workshop to be held on September 19-21, 2014 in Chicago, IL is now open. 
paw print divas
PPDW is expanding and will also be offering a new workshop geared towards amateur photographers that volunteer their time photographing for rescues and shelters, PROJECT RESCUE – Paw Print Pet photography workshops.  The tentative dates are September 13-14 in Chicago as well.  This workshop is not geared for the working professional photographer and will not include any marketing or business.

Zoomies Pet Photography Workshop

This is the workshop for all of our Hair of the Dog fans from Oz, or those of us that may be looking for an excuse to visit Australia!  Hosted by Charlotte Reeves, Ruth O’Leary, and Kaylee Greer this workshop focuses on shooting and editing.  These ladies have selected some incredible locations and include accommodations and food in the registration price.

zoomies pet photography workshop

The Zoomies Pet Photography workshop is to be held in Brisbane on September 19-22, 2014 and in Sydney on September 26-29, 2014.  There is only one spot available for the Sydney workshop and 3 spots for the Brisbane dates, so if you were considering this workshop….get on it!

Scruffy Dog Private Mentoring

If you are interested in pet photography then you are certainly familiar with Illona Haus’s gorgeous natural pet photography.  She doesn’t offer group workshops but instead offers individual one-on-one mentoring or you can team up with a buddy for a two-on-one mentoring session.  Each mentoring session is 2+ days long and it is tailored completely to you and your business.  She will cover any and all topics related to running a successful pet photography business.

scruffy dog photography

Illona is a wealth of information and I know that any photographer at any level of their photographic journey could learn lots of practical and useful information from her.  For that reason, her mentorships are best suited for working pet photographers that have started their business.  She is booked for 2014 but does have 2015 openings.