Please welcome Jeanine Rose Photography to the Session Spotlight.

These photos were taken at The Lace Factory in Deep River, CT and at Middlefield open space in CT. They feature Ayla, a 6 year old Bergamasco Sheepdog and her people, Jess and Nate. They wanted to have a portrait session with Ayla that would really show the deep connection between them as a family. I did a combination of Jess and Ayla alone to show that connection and then Jess and Nate as husband and wife and how Ayla is still their world. She is so breathtaking when she runs with her flocks in the air!


jjjjMy name is Jeanine Rose Dell’Orfano. I am a fine art wedding and portrait photographer based in CT. On occasion and for the right clients, I like to capture the connection between pets and people. I call these my “four legged love” sessions.