First, let me apologize to Holly Montgomery of BrindleBerry and everyone else that is still dealing with the grips of old man winter.  Apparently he did not get the memo that it was MAY!  I promise to hold off the summer theme until at least August 1st in hopes that you can participate!  😉  Seriously, I wish you sunshine….and soon!   In the meantime, hopefully the spring entries of this week warm you up.

Kristeen Marie Photography

HOD spring_0150

Portrait Griffe : Genevieve Lacombe Photographe

HOD spring_0151

Yellow Mutt Pet Photography

HOD spring_0152

KME Photography

HOD spring_0153

Missy Moo Studio

HOD spring_0154

Pavlina Sanborn Photography

HOD spring_0155

Dogtography by Kala Howard

HOD spring_0156

Yellow Mutt Photography

HOD spring_0157

Caroline Twohill Photography

HOD spring_0158

Trina Bauer Photography

HOD spring_0159

Thanks everyone for another great week.  Next week’s theme is: The Great Outdoors.  Can’t wait to see what you’ve got!  Details on how you can participate can be found here.