Please welcome Marla Rutherford of Cake Knife Photography based in Boulder and Denver Colorado, for a three in one Session Spotlight!

Jen and Billy. I like to call these two the Barbie and Ken of Colorado. Tall, gorgeous, and super sweet, which made my job that much easier. They wanted some photos of themselves at a lake they run around every morning. Jen got special permission from the rangers to open the gates so I could drive in my car in with all my equipment. They also brought their two dogs Honey and Rigby, whom I thought were going to be a nightmare to shoot when I saw them, but they were awesome. Maybe the most well behaved models (human or animal) I’ve ever photographed. They were cool as a cucumber and loved my assistant who was making animal noises behind me so they’d look at the camera. Quite the scene.

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I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph one of the most fascinating and surreal looking of all dog breeds, The Irish Wolfhound. Standing at almost 3 feet in height my two models Bentley and Oliver were huge! Seems weird to say about a dog but when I first saw them I immediately thought they looked so “wise”.  They moved slowly around the house, very relaxed as if deep in thought. They reminded me of the Mystics in the movie The Dark Crystal. Actually, the Irish Wolfhound was the inspiration for the flying dog Valcor in The Never Ending Story.

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I love this dog. He’s a pure breed Leonberger. Created in 1830 by a breeder who mixed a a female Landseer Newfoundland with a male Great St. Bernard, these guys can grow to 130 inches / 150 pounds. They are used as water rescue dogs for they have webbed feet and excel in swimming. Their personality is mellow and calm, not as much as other breeds, but better then most. Bugsy is curious about everything outside which made for some great facial expressions. He is so well behaved, especially for a puppy. Yes he’s this big and only 8 months old!

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Marla Rutherford graduated from Art Center College of Design in December 2004 with a BA in photography, and received her BA at Boston University for Psychology in 2000. She currently resides in Boulder Colorado.
She has been able to work both in the fine art and commercial world. Her fine art prints have been displayed in galleries all around the world including Arles, Paris, Milan, Lausanne, New York, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. She has shot for Newsweek, Time, Entertainment Weekly, ESPN Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine and many more. She also specializes in events, concerts, weddings, small business products, senior and Family Portraits which is what she has displayed on this website.