Please welcome Carly Rehberg Photography to the session spotlight.  Who doesn’t love a French Bulldog on a boat?

Fairfax is a fawn french bull dog rescued from Oklahoma. His little back leg had some issues when he was born and he was considered a “defect”. My parents, Judy and Robbie, rescued Fairfax – “bad” leg and all. These days, you would never know he had a little limp when he was a pup. My dad has a boat in Heathsville, Virginia. They spend the majority of their weekends there and Fairfax assumes the role of captain! He sits next to my dad while the boat is out in the bay, sits at the bow of boat when we’re getting ready to dock and catches some sun on the deck while we’re cruising. He has a TON of personality. To this day he still makes me nervous as he swiftly runs up the sides of the boat – but, I guess he has his sea legs!