One of our close friends owns Sky. When we lived in an apartment in Sturgis … Sky was that dog that we got to hang out with. I like to think of her as my step-dog!  She is a people dog. Loves everyone. And loves her tennis balls. Early on, she would carry stuffed babies around all of the time.  And when I say she is a people dog. I swear, everyone that has come into contact with Sky, wants to take her home. I think we are pretty high on the list. You know the list. “If you ever have to find her a home” List!  So overall, Sky is the best!!

Two weeks ago, her owners took her in to have her hips looked at. Before heading in, they found a lump. While at the vet, they asked about the lump. And he ‘thought’ it might be cancer.  Fast forward two weeks, and it is cancer and it’s moving fast!  Now, as a photographer. I can capture those last moments. Those close connections. But as a photographer and a friend. I don’t feel like I can take enough photos!! While working on the photos. I keep thinking. Why didn’t I photograph ‘this’ or ‘that’.  And then I feel guilty. That my dogs are healthy and my friends is not. I do know that one day, we will be in their shoes. It may not be cancer, but it will be life. So today, I want to share some photos of one of the best dogs I have ever met before.

6-1-14 Sky (1)6-1-14 Sky (2)6-1-14 Sky (3)6-1-14 Sky (4)6-1-14 Sky (5)6-1-14 Sky (6)6-1-14 Sky (7)6-1-14 Sky (8)6-1-14 Sky (9)6-1-14 Sky (10)6-1-14 Sky (11)6-1-14 Sky (12)

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