Please welcome Samantha Ong Photography to the session spotlight….

In celebration of Russell’s 2nd Birthday, we celebrated with Yana & Nick by having a fall family photo shoot. Russell, a black french bulldog, was named after the strong spirited character in the Disney-Pixar movie, Up! This was my first time meeting little Russ and I could surely see the resemblance! Russell is a friendly, yet hyper and caring yet protective young dog. No wonder Yana & Nick love him so!

We shot these fall colors in the heart of downtown Toronto at Roundhouse Park, right where the the old train museum is located by Steamwhistle Brewery, CN Tower and the newly opened Ripley’s Aquarium. The best thing about doing it at this park was that Russell was familiar with the area, having lived right across the street and going on daily walks here. The fall is such a great time for portraits and photography as it gives so much vibrant colors to your photos.
We were so happy that Russell joined in our shoot with such energy and co-operation! He was a joy to shoot, being absolutely adorable! Russell was the runt of his litter, so his naturally small body was particularly cute when Yana dressed him in a pumpkin costume and then later a matching sweater. SO CUTE!  Happy 2nd Birthday Russell! You make the perfect addition to this little family.