It was a very grey day at Haldimand beach  in Gaspe, Quebec, but Daisy and Mylo did not mind as long as they could play in the water!  And they played. A lot! Three tennis balls were not even enough to keep them busy! Mylo is the oldest, he’s calm and often has a serious look. Daisy is young, playful and happy. She smiles all the time! Against all odds, who knew Daisy would be better behaved! Daisy and Mylo are two adorable golden retrievers who were lots of fun to photograph!

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G-LacombeGeneviève Lacombe of Portrait Griffé is a photographer for beloved pet based in Saint-Lambert (Québec, Canada). As a heartfelt artist, Geneviève is a proud member of HeARTs Speak. Other than being a photographer and a great animal lover, Geneviève is also a vegetarian because compassion tastes better. She share her life with her spouse and her two furry babies: Colo and Mini.