Please welcome UK based pet photographer Kayte Evans from Popcorn Paws to the Session Spotlight.
One of the things I love about my job is the fact that I get to give something back to the animal community – therefore I volunteer as much of my time as I can to local dog shelters hoping that I can take some images that will capture the eye of a potential adopter.
Last week I was working in the Middle East with a friend of mine (Photographing international school children in Qatar – this is a whole other story!) when she dropped a bomb shell saying that she had fallen in love with a dog at a local rescue centre and she was going to raise the funds to bring him home to the UK! She kindly asked if I would take some photos of him that she could use for her Just Giving page. I jumped at the chance! (Obviously!). And here he is…Joshua.
The Anatolian Shepherd with the strangest legs I’ve ever seen! When Joshua was a pup him was mistreated and kept in a cage way too small for him. This, and several other factors, resulted in his legs growing like this. As huge as he is (and I’m talking horse-like!) he was a timid thing, scared of cars and passers by. But such a soft nature and an absolute pleasure to be around and to photograph. I completely understand why Eve fell in love with him and wants to give him a forever home.
Joshua and Eve and their incredible journey is only just beginning. Not only does he need to be brought to the UK, but he will then need an operation on his legs that will cost thousands. If anyone would like to read more about it, or even donate visit this page.
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My name is Kayte Evans, I live on the Wirral in the North West of England and I run Popcorn Paws and I absolutely LOVE IT! My website is and Facebook page is