This is one of my favorite themes.  I just love a simple image with negative space…..and let me tell you this was a HARD month to judge.  Good gravy…there were 36 initial images that I chose and I have 16 as my best of the best.  It was REALLY tough to get down to 10!  Congratulations to you all and thank you to everyone that participated this month!

Share the Joy Photography

HOD negative space_0113

Megan Murray

HOD negative space_0116

Jezandia Photography

HOD negative space_0110

KME Photography

HOD negative space_0111

Sonnentier Photography

HOD negative space_0112

Treasure Shot Photography

HOD negative space_0114

Missy Moo Studio

HOD negative space_0115

Catherine Holmes Photography

HOD negative space_0117

Sonya Sellers Photography

HOD negative space_0118

Catherin Arsenault Photographe animalière

HOD negative space_0119

If you are a professional photographer, or an aspiring pet photographer, join the fun in our Facebook Community group.  🙂   You will be approved to join if you have a photography business in your personal public profile.  If you do not yet have a business but are interested in joining the group just send me an email at and introduce yourself to let me know who you are.  Otherwise I will deny you only because of the LARGE amount of spammers that are always trying to get into our group to post links to their hair care products…..

June’s Theme is: Water!  I can’t wait to see what you have!