This gorgeous trio is made up of three rescue doggies, Skeeter, Mobus and Tipper. These three amazing dogs were natural models for their session. We played, we posed and we had treats (at one point, Tipper figured out how to get into my treat bag and helped herself).

KDP Skeet Moobus Tipper-01

KDP Skeet Moobus Tipper-04KDP Skeet Moobus Tipper-02KDP Skeet Moobus Tipper-03KDP Skeet Moobus Tipper-07KDP Skeet Moobus Tipper-06KDP Skeet Moobus Tipper-05KDP Skeet Moobus Tipper-08KDP Skeet Moobus Tipper-09KDP Skeet Moobus Tipper-10KDP Skeet Moobus Tipper-11KDP Skeet Moobus Tipper-12KDP Skeet Moobus Tipper-13KDP Skeet Moobus Tipper-14KDP Skeet Moobus Tipper-15


KDP-ProfileKira DeDecker is an on-location lifestyle pet photographer specializing in one-of-a-kind fine art and modern portraits. She is based in Glendale, AZ where she lives with her three Pomeranians and husband.To see more of her work check out her website and make sure to drop by and say hello on her Facebook page.