Now that we know the 3 keys of successful mini-sessions; protect your time, price for profit, and keep it unique, let’s talk marketing!

I feel that many photographers are waiting for one single marketing trick that will magically fill their calendars.  They are always asking for more marketing ideas, in the hopes that there will be a magic solution.  Marketing is incredibly simple, but rarely carried out.  It requires that you get out from behind the computer and make connections in the community.  You can do it!  Don’t be scared!  Simply ask respectfully and don’t be offended if a business or two declines your request.  Just keep working.  You will be rewarded…but you have to put in the effort!

Marketing ideas for your mini-session event include:

-email blast to your list

-dedicated page on your website

-showcase the event on your home page

-send out a press release

-hang posters and distribute post cards throughout the community

-create a blog post about the event

-share regularly on social media

-work with the charity on how they can promote the event

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How do I attract my target market to the event?  I feel that mini-sessions attract a market that is looking to pay less for photography.

These events by definition have a different target market, but there is a good bit of overlap as well.  My full sessions can be quite expensive and quite often there are potential clients that would love to work with me but simply can’t afford it.  Throughout the year, when I receive responses to my inquiries that the session is out of their budget I inform about my Food for Fido annual event.  I also ask them if it’s ok that I add their email to my email list so that they don’t miss it.  I have never had anyone say no and quite a few have signed up for the event.

Also, by offering quality photography and quality products you WILL attract people that value what you do.  There will ALWAYS be people that think that you are too expensive.  That is why I post all prices for this event from the beginning and include the prices again in their registration confirmation email.  I do not want ANY surprises. 

The people that are looking for cheap photography and don’t value my art are NOT going to sign up for this event because they see that it will still cost several hundred dollars.  The people that sign up for the event may be value seekers, but they are value seekers who resonate with my brand and my work. That type of value seeker is still a great client to have!

How do I hold mini-sessions without devaluing my full sessions?  How do I ensure that I’m not doing a mini-session for someone that would have booked a full session?

Remember the three keys to successful mini-sessions….Time, Money, and Difference.  The key to ensuring that your clients don’t just wait for these events is making the experience different.  For instance, my Food for Fido event is for dogs only, lasts 15 minutes, results in approximately 5-7 unique images, and has a special product offer.  My Signature Session is 2 locations, 50+ unique images, totally different products, and a higher level of service.  They are apples and oranges.  Clients that want the full experience will book the full experience….as long as the difference is clearly explained.

How can I create more buzz about the event?

Two words.  Swag bag.  Reach out to other related businesses throughout town and let them know about the event.  Tell them that you are putting together a swag bag for the participants and you would love to include any business cards, coupons, and/or samples of theirs.  They will be happy for some free advertising and will often hang your flyer or place your postcards in their store.  Not to mention that you just made a future partner connection and you can grow that relationship for future co-marketing opportunities.

I know it’s overwhelming to keep all of the important tasks straight when planning a mini-session event. That’s why I have created a FREE timeline for you to download.  It will lay out every major step involved when planning a profitable and successful mini-session event.

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