I hope by now you have some ideas on how you can create a profitable mini-session event!  If you missed the first two posts in this series, you can read them here:

The 3 Keys to Successful Mini-Sessions

Marketing your Mini-Session

Of course you can’t have a profitable event without selling your work! I’ve been getting lots of questions on how in-person selling differs from selling your work online.  Remember, if there is ANY possibility of holding in-person sales….do it.  You WILL be rewarded.  Do not let your self-doubt stand in the way of a successful sales session.  Simply approach the sales session from a place of honest listening and service to your client and you WILL be successful!

If you do not have a place to hold in-person sales for your mini-sessions then there are a few strategies that will make your event a bit more successful.

     a.  Have samples available on event day.

     b. Create an incentive to choose a collection on the day of the session.  Mine is a complimentary mini-mount desk print.  It costs less then $20 and is only available when pre-ordering certain collections.

     c. Ease fear by offering a money-back guarantee of pre-purchased collections if they do not love their images.  This is only available until the ordering period ends, as I don’t want a client asking for a refund 3 months later.

    d. Collect payment on the day of the event when possible.  Square and Stripe make this easy to do if you do not already have a merchant services account. 

    e.  Send galleries with slightly obnoxious watermarks.  I have the watermark go diagonally across the whole image at approximately 50% opacity.  They can still see the details of the image, but it’s less likely that they will screen capture and steal the images. 

    f.  Make it easy for them to order by offering the collections and á la carte images in your gallery.  I use Shoot Proof for this.  Shoot Proof does offer automatic fulfillment, but since I do all of my final edits after the client orders I do not use this feature.

   g.  If the client already ordered a collection I still create a gallery.  I then email them the list of products in their collection so that they can select the images for each piece.  Of course I mention that they are still able to upgrade their collection if they choose!

Food for Fido 133 (1)

There are so many little best practices that when bundled together create a mini-session event that is profitable for your business, helps a charity that is close to your heart, and allows you to have more time to spend living your life instead of being an administrative assistant to your business. 

Mini-Sessions in a Snap: Your complete guide to planning and profitability is on sale now!  The information presented so far is only a drop in the bucket compared to the in-depth planning tools within the guide.

The guide contains:

minisessions in a snap 289 px copy-A 37 page PDF e-book that outlines finding your partners, marketing your event, pricing and sales, creating collections, lighting and photography tips, a detailed client workflow, and tips to applying this knowledge to traditional mini-sessions. 

-A pricing worksheet that contains 3 excel spreadsheets and a video on how to best use them.

-Real pricing examples.

-3 fully-editable PSD templates: 5×7 postcard, 8.5×11 flyer, and an 8.5×11 pricing page.

-Excel spreadsheets for scheduling your sessions.  One based on 15 minute sessions and one on 20 minute sessions. 

-Detailed videos on how to best incorporate Zapier and JotForm into your client workflow

-Full email scripts for all client communication.

-Actual press release used in promoting the event and tips for submitting your press release.

-Packing list so that you don’t forget anything important on your event day.

The retail price for Mini-Sessions in a Snap is $295, but you can save $100 by purchasing the guide before 11:59pm on Monday, October 5th, 2015 by using the code: rockyourminis

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