Meet Kaylee (the blond human), Taia (the blond pup), and Spencer (the brunette)! Kaylee grew up with Spencer as her childhood pup, and although he’s in GREAT shape, he’s aging a little so she felt it may be a good time to capture some photos of him. And, along for the ride is Taia – Kaylee’s very first pup as an adult!
Kaylee chose the park as it’s a place where her and her family have enjoyed many walks with Spencer. I had a really wonderful time with this amazing family!

BioHolly Montgomery is the owner and photographer at BrindleBerry Pet Photography. She resides at BrindleBerry Acres in DeWinton, Alberta, Canada. Holly is a full time, pet exclusive photographer. She is best known in her area for capturing the unique expressions and individual character in every pet she photographs.