Thank you to everyone that participated in the monthly image challenge in June!  It was the largest participation EVER with well over 200 images shared….and many of them absolutely bokeh-licious.  Please believe me when I tell you that choosing a top ten out of that bunch was so hard!   Congratulations to the winners!

Megan Murray Photography

HOD bokeh-04

Cohen the Australian Shepherd

HOD bokeh-05

Chantal Levesque Photography

HOD bokeh-06

Sabine Fallend Fotografie

HOD bokeh-07

Holly Hildreth Photography

HOD bokeh-08

Kristen Vallejo Photography

HOD bokeh-09

Jelly Bean Photography

HOD bokeh-10

Charlotte Reeves Photography

HOD bokeh-11

Furtography Pet Portraits

HOD bokeh-12

Catherin Arsenault Photographe

HOD bokeh-13

If you are a Top Ten winner from this month, or previously, you can now download a Top Ten Winner button to display on your website here.  

Join us for July’s Top Ten Challenge in the Hair of the Dog Community Facebook group.   You will be approved if you have a photography business attached to your personal Facebook profile.  If you do not have that please contact me and introduce yourself so I know to approve you.  I need to do this as none of us want to be sold hair products in our pet photography group!  Thanks for understanding.

The theme for April is:  Sky ….choose your two favorites!!