Culling.  The bane of photographers near and wide.  Thank goodness we shoot pets and not weddings, right?!?  (for a myriad of reasons, lol!)

A regular session for me generally results in approximately 400 images to go through, of which I want to show 30-50 to my client.  That’s a lot of culling.

Check out this video to see see the first stage of my culling process.

The second round is just the opposite, I pick rejects instead of keepers.  By flagging the rejected photos in round two, I have a B-roll created that I can turn to if one of my chosen images turns out to be a little soft or unusable for any reason.

If you would like to learn more about my workflow, check out the Post-Processing for Pet Photographers online course.

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Enrollment is open now but closes on October 4th…so don’t delay!