I live deep in the suburbs.  There is no walking to dinner or hopping on public transportation.  Until recently, there was approximately ONE yellow cab in all of Pittsburgh.  This has all changed due to one little word….UBER. 

We all know that the “sharing” economy has turned many industries on their heads.  Think about how AirBNB and VRBO have disrupted the hotel industry.  What about companies like Netflix and Spotify?  Simply pay a membership fee and have access to EVERYTHING! 

Uber has taken the old school taxi world by storm…and it’s because of the little things. 

Obviously, there are some big differences that help them be so successful.  The app technology that makes hailing your car fun, no need to carry cash, the double review system. 

There are also little things that some of the individual drivers are doing that we, as entrepreneurs, should take notice of.  A friend of mine just took and Uber from the airport and in the car was a cooler of soft drinks, waters, and a variety of snacks. 

Simply brilliant!  If the driver picks up these items at a big box store, they are literally pennies each.  However, this little tiny thing creates huge waves!  My friend told me, I’m sure she told others, I’m telling all of the interwebs….and I didn’t even experience it myself! 

This is the type of word of mouth marketing that our businesses need. It’s not through fancy referral programs, it’s simply by exceeding our customer’s expectations. 

I recently heard this line, and I can’t for the life of me remember where….so if you know please let me know so I can give them credit! 

Meeting customer expectations is customer service.  Exceeding customer expectations is customer experience.

How are you set up to exceed customer expectations in your business? 

  • gift for the dog
  • hand-written thank you notes
  • bottle of water at the session
  • special gift with their order
  • chocolate at the ordering appointment

There are SO MANY options.  I would love if you shared what you do for your clients in the comments so we can all brainstorm ways to make our client experience extra-ordinary!