You may know I’ve been in a creative slump recently, I wrote about it here.  Welcome to the life of a creative.  My work is technically sound.  I’m winning awards in print competition.  My clients love their images and the phone is ringing.  However, I know there is more.  I know that there is more inside of my yearning to be created.

I’m not even exactly sure WHAT is yearning to be created.  There is nothing concrete in my head yet.  Yes, there are oodles of ideas…and I actually have a Trello board dedicated to recording all of my crazy creative thoughts…..but you know what’s been missing? 


All of the best ideas in the world won’t do you a darn bit of good if you don’t bring them to life.  I get it, life it busy.  I’ve got a household with two busy kids and a husband to run, a photography business to manage, all sorts of incredible new content to create for you guys…my lovely Hair of the Doggers, and a life to enjoy on top of it.  Time is scarce!

No more excuses.

The only way to live purposely is to make decisions and move in that direction…..deliberately.  No longer will I wait ‘until there is time’ to take on personal projects.  That changes today.

I am publicly making a commitment to create at least ONE NEW thing each week until my big 4-0 birthday on December 20th.  One thing.  It doesn’t have to be a huge project with 30 models and 3 days of shooting.  It can be trying a new editing style on an image.  Playing with compositing in Photoshop.  Testing out new lighting in the studio.  Shooting at a new location just for fun.  It can be ANYTHING. 

The most important thing is to DO IT.  Who’s joining me??  Details are in the video…

Join us in the Hair of the Dog Facebook group to share what you create!  Please remember to get in touch with me if you don’t have a photography business attached to your name or if you aren’t being approved.  It’s hard to keep spammers out of the group and we don’t want to be sold hair extensions.  Don’t forget to use the hashtag #enhancecreativity on your post so that we can easily search for them all!  I’m so excited to create with you!!